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Elegant two-tone diamond heart pendant, featuring a striking contrast of gold and silver hues, for a luxurious statement.

Two-Tone Diamond Heart Pendant

SKU: 910335

Unveil the allure of contrasting brilliance with our Two-Tone Diamond Heart Pendant. This exquisite piece presents a captivating golden lattice heart nestled within an outer heart, resplendent with pave-set diamonds. The interplay of gold and silver tones highlights the intricacy of the design, while the diamond’s pure sparkle represents the enduring strength of love. A true testament to skilled artisanship and imaginative design, this pendant is not only a luxurious adornment but also a symbol of the multifaceted nature of affection and commitment.


Materials | Brilliant Round diamonds set in 18K white and yellow gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 1.92 ct.