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Gold evil eye pendant with turquoise and diamond details, centered with a black diamond on a polished finish.

Retro Evil Eye | Diamond Pendant


Channel the mystical charm of the Evil Eye with our intricately designed Evil Eye Diamond Pendant. This talismanic piece is a blend of elegance and protection, showcasing a harmonious arrangement of sparkling diamonds and vibrant turquoise enamel in a classic evil eye pattern. The center holds a captivating black diamond, believed to ward off negative energies while inviting positive vibes. Crafted with precision, the gold setting is polished to perfection, ensuring that this pendant not only serves as a spiritual guardian but also as a luxurious adornment that complements any outfit.


Materials | Enamel and Brilliant Round Black & White Diamonds set in 18K gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 0.42 ct.

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