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Your choice of shape expresses your very unique personality. What kind of woman you are, what your preferences are and over all how you view yourself and how you wish to express yourself through your jewelry. Each woman has her own mind. She thinks differently and has her own style. What cut of diamond she wishes to wear to portrays who she is- is vital in picking the right one.

Read our analysis of each diamond cut below. Match yourself up and be sure to pick the right cut.

Izmirian Diamond Shape Brilliant Round A


The classical round shape is the most popular cut in the diamond industry. The rounded shape of the diamond represents an endless love. Women who favor the brilliant round are usually drawn to traditional romance and are themselves honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. 

Celebrities with brilliant round diamond engagement rings:

Madonna, Barbara Streisand and Mary J. Blige.


The unique shape of the cushion diamond is an alternative for those women who crave distinctiveness and desire to wear what few others possess. Women who favor the rare cushion cut are known to be daring when it comes to aspects of their lives. They also hold an exclusive combination of old-fashion and modern edge characteristics.

Celebrities with cushion diamond engagement rings:

Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, and Giuliana Rancic.

Izmirian Diamond Shape Cushion Amman Jor
Izmirian Diamond Shape Emerald Amman Jor


An emerald diamond gives a sense of elegance and poise. It resembles stair steps as it is a rectangular shape with parallel facets down both sides. The open style of the shape with its clear depths is symbolic to an open heart and personal clarity.

Women who have a preference for an emerald diamond have a very good sense of who they are, and don’t often look for an approval from others. They wear their diamond instead of allowing the diamond to wear them.

Celebrities with emerald diamond engagement rings:

Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and Grace Kelly.

Izmirian Diamond Shape Marquise Amman Jo


The flashy marquise shape indicates aspiration for lavishness and dazzle. This shape is denoted as a modified brilliant cut with two pointed ends specifically designed to make the diamond look larger than it really is, through optical illusion. Women who are drawn to the marquise shaped diamond tend to be elegant, mysterious and extremely passionate.

Celebrities with marquise diamond engagement rings:

Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The Oval shape resembles the personality of ones who prefer the brilliance round. However, this shape illustrates a hint of creativity and individuality. The match to an egg-shape may also represent fertility. Women who fancy the oval shaped diamond are fairly tradition but they also like to cut loose a little every now and then.

Celebrities with oval diamond engagement rings:

Kate Middleton, Toni Braxton, and Katie Holmes.

Izmirian Diamond Shape Oval outline.
Izmirian Diamond Shape Pear Amman Jordan


The pear shape demonstrates a sense of character with a blend of a soft side for romance.  The teardrop shape may be a representation of tears of sorrow or joy. Women who are fond of this shape tend to set a high standard for themselves and are known as trend-setter. They have a tendency to bold and courage, but they have soft and tender heart towards the ones they love.

Celebrities with pear diamond engagement rings: 

Catherine Hiegal and Anne Hathaway.


A princess cut diamond demands attention with its extravagant glitter and sharp edges. This shape is associated with to be risk-takers and leaders. Women who select a princess cut tend to always be in the spotlight. They shower in the attention they receive from their admirers and bring excitement to nearly everything they do.

Celebrities with princess diamond engagement rings:

Jessica Biel and Christine Baumgartner.

Izmirian Princes Diamond Shape Princess outline.


The heart shape is a symbol of pure romance, fantasy and emotions which represent a steady and genuine marriage. Women who choose the heart shape are hopeless romantics. They look at the world with love goggles and are always living on a cloud, fantasizing.

Celebrities with heart diamond engagement rings:

Joan Collins and Andrea Hissom.

Izmirian Diamond Shape Heart Amman Jorda
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