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A piece of jewellery can be an investment that can be passed on in a family for generations. It can evoke special memories forever, so you must ensure that you choose the piece of jewellery which is right for you. Buying an engagement ring or a wedding band is prone to be one of the most significant purchases in your life. For most people, buying a special jewellery item is a new experience, but that does not imply it should be overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to make this process easier for you.

Izmirian Jewellery Diamond Setting Style


When deciding on a budget for an engagement ring or wedding band, it should match what you are at ease with. It is important to understand that when buying diamond jewellery, learning about the 4Cs will reassure you that you’re buying a quality diamond and getting what you pay for. What you decide to invest in is all relative to your budget and preference. In case of a diamond, some choose to invest in the size of the diamond rather than the color & clarity. Others choose to purchase a diamond with a high color, or clarity, rather than a diamond larger in size. Naturally, the higher the color, clarity and size, the price increases comparatively. However, although the majority of the budget will go towards the diamond, the setting is of equal important since it is what will embrace your diamond securely forever.


Going back to traditions, a diamond is most commonly used as center stone for an engagement ring. However, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies and other color stones are also trending choices. Once you have chosen a gem type, choose the shape of your preference (round, oval, marquise, emerald-cut, pear-shape, heart-shape, etc).

If you prefer to have a diamond as a center stone, reading more about the Diamond Characteristics in our Guidebook Section may give you a well-rounded background on what you should be considering when purchasing a diamond.

Close-up of a diamond being securely set in a ring at a jeweler's bench.
Izmirian Jewellery Amman Jordan Diamond


Once you have chosen a center stone, you can decide on a setting style for your engagement ring. There are many different styles to choose from, according to your preference and possibly your lifestyle. The most popular setting style is the prong setting.  You can read more on setting styles in the Solitaire Setting Style section.

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