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Jewellery care and cleaning is crucial, and there are measures to take in order keep your jewellery brilliant and sparkly. In addition to cleaning your jewellery at home, it is also important to take your jewellery items to your jeweler every six month for maintenance, cleaning and routine check-up to keep them dazzling.  


  • Remove Jewelry before doing rough work or activities. Although diamonds are durable, they can be chipped by a hard shock. Moreover, your sweat and natural oils will diminish the brilliance of your jewellery. 

  • Do not expose your jewellery to salt water or any harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach. 

  • Avoid wearing rings in swimming pools and cold water. Cold temperatures may cause your finger size to shrink, causing your rings to slip off and get lost. 

  • The use of hairspray, make-up, creams and lotion while wearing your jewellery can cause them to become dull. Remember that jewellery should be the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off. 

  • When you are not wearing your jewellery, store in a clean, and preferably, fabric-lined jewellery case with dividers. 

  • Replace broken or scratched watch crystals without any delays as cracks may let in dust and moisture, threatening your watch’s accuracy.    

Izmirian Jewellery Care Tips Amman Jorda
Polishing a brilliant diamond ring using a bright blue cloth on a silky gray surface.


  • Place a small amount of dish washing detergent in a bowl of warm water and gently stir

  • Soak the jewellery piece in the solution and allow it to sit in the water for around 10 minutes

  • Use a ‘soft’ toothbrush (to avoid scratching the surface of the jewellery) and gently scrub the piece of jewellery, paying close attention to prongs, corners and gaps where dirty may be hidden

  • Rinse each piece in warm water, removing remaining dirt. If you are rinsing in a sink, cover the drain or use a strainer to avoid accidently losing the piece of jewellery

  • Spot dry with a soft cloth, then let the jewellery sit out on a towel to dry completely before wearing again

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