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Elegant gold sunburst Lira coin pendant with diamond embellishments on a delicate chain

Gold Sunburst | Lira Coin Frame Diamond Necklace

SKU: 906136

Discover the allure of the past fused with contemporary charm in our Gold Sunburst Necklace, framed beautifully in the style of a Lira Coin. This captivating piece is expertly fashioned from premium gold, culminating in a sunburst motif that exudes radiance and elegance. Each beam of the sunburst is thoughtfully enhanced with a diamond, offering a subtle glint that resonates with the timeless splendor of a Lira coin's legacy. Dangling from a refined gold chain, the Lira Coin Frame adds an air of sophistication and a hint of historical allure. This necklace is not just an accessory; it's a statement piece that's as unique as it is versatile, ideal for daily sophistication or enhancing a glamorous evening look.


Materials | Brilliant Round diamonds set in 18K gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 0.37 ct.

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