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Elegant flower diamond ring with white band, showcasing a brilliant yellow sapphire center amid petal-like diamonds.

Blossom of Brilliance | Sapphire Flower Diamond Ring

SKU: 910098

Radiate natural beauty with our Sapphire Flower Diamond Ring. This exquisite piece captures the essence of a blooming flower, with a lustrous yellow sapphire at its core, representing the sun-filled center of a blossoming flower. Surrounding the sapphire, diamond petals unfurl in a radiant display, each facet sparkling with the promise of new beginnings. Set upon a sleek silver band, this ring is a symphony of color and light, a perfect tribute to nature's unparalleled elegance. Whether worn as a symbol of growth or as a fashion statement, it brings a touch of floral finesse to any occasion.


Materials | Yellow Sapphire, Baguette and Brilliant Round Diamonds set in 18K gold.

Diamond Carat Weight | 0.65 ct.

Color Stone Carat Weight | 0.56 ct.