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This Sapphire Diamond Radiant Pendant featuring a central oval sapphire surrounded by a dazzling array of diamonds

Sapphire Diamond Radiant Pendant

SKU: A07314

Our Sapphire Diamond Radiant Pendant is a true reflection of the sky's eternal beauty. At its heart lies a stunning royal blue sapphire, a gemstone celebrated for its depth and intensity. Surrounding the sapphire, diamonds burst forth like rays of light, creating a sunburst effect that is both eye-catching and elegant. Each diamond is meticulously placed to enhance the sapphire's natural luster, while the silver chain adds a touch of classic sophistication. This pendant is a celebration of the heavens, a piece that will surely become the centerpiece of any jewelry collection.


Materials | Sapphire and Brilliant Round diamonds set in 18K white gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 0.25 ct.

Colored Stone Carat Weight | 0.92 ct.