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Luxe diamond heart halo bracelet, its heart-shaped outlines shining with a silvery glow.

Diamond Heart Halo Bracelet

SKU: A11121

The Diamond Heart Halo Bracelet is a testament to timeless romance and delicate craftsmanship. A series of heart silhouettes, each encircled by a halo of meticulously set diamonds, forms a bracelet that is both luxurious and tender. The silver setting offers a cool backdrop that makes the diamonds' fire and brilliance stand out even more. Each heart is linked to the next, creating a flexible and comfortable piece that moves as gracefully as the wearer. Ideal for both casual charm and formal elegance, this bracelet is versatile, making it a staple for any jewelry aficionado.


Materials | Brilliant round diamonds in 18K white gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 2.68 ct.