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A pair of ruby and diamond cluster earrings, exuding elegance with their sparkling contrast and classic design.

Ruby and Diamond Cluster Earrings

SKU: B10190

Discover the captivating charm of our Ruby and Diamond Cluster Earrings. Designed to mirror the beauty of nature's blossoms, these earrings feature a delicate petal arrangement of marquise-cut rubies, each radiating with deep crimson hues. Complementing the rubies, marquise diamonds add a layer of sparkling elegance, reminiscent of morning dew on petals. Set in fine silver, the stones come together in a dance of color and light, perfect for adding a sophisticated floral touch to your wardrobe. Whether for a special occasion or to add a hint of luxury to everyday wear, these earrings are a celebration of natural beauty and refined taste.


Materials | Marquise Rubies and Diamonds set in 18K White gold.

Diamond Carat Weight | 0.48 ct.

Color Stone Carat Weight | 1.15 ct.