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Elegant gold earrings featuring large pearls encircled by sparkling diamonds, perfect for formal events.

Diamond and Pearl Earrings

SKU: 910081

Experience timeless elegance with our Diamond and Pearl Earrings, a luxurious pairing that brings together the luster of pearls and the sparkle of diamonds. These exquisite earrings feature large, perfectly round pearls set in the center, surrounded by a halo of meticulously placed diamonds. The setting, crafted in gold, enhances the natural beauty and radiance of each pearl and diamond. Ideal for weddings, galas, or as an opulent gift, these earrings are a classic addition to any sophisticated jewelry collection.


Materials | Pearls and brilliant round diamonds set in 18K white gold

Diamond Carat Weight | 1.02 ct.

Color Stone Carat Weight | 9.12 ct.

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